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Are you interested in having Jersey Transit perform at your next event? The good news is that we take gigs for pay (and occasionally for food). It works best if you are an organization located in Mercer County and know how long you would like us to sing.

Click this link to get in touch with our business manager. Let us know some of the details, like how long, where you want us to sing, and some possible dates, and will get back to you shortly with our availability and how much we charge.

The going rate for the group is pretty reasonable, especially when you consider that you are getting a dozen (or even a baker’s dozen) for that price. However, if you think you have a really compelling reason why we should sing for you for free, let us know that too.

Special note: we do a really mean version of the Star-Spangled Banner. Click on this link for a little taste. If you would like us to kick off your event in true patriotic style, we can do it.

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